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China XD Group Company, founded in 1959, is a large central enterprise that combines into one the scientific research and development, manufacture, trade and finance. Its main businesses include the research and development, manufacture and inspection of DC/AC high, ultra-high and extra-high voltage transmission and transformation equipment. It is a research, development and manufacture base for the above mentioned products with the largest scale and the strongest capability of completion in the country. At present, it owns more than sixty (60) wholly owned and holding subsidiary companies (units), among which there is one (1) listed company (China XD, Stock Code: 601179), one (1) National Enterprise Technical Center and Engineering Laboratory, three (3) National Testing Center and three (3) companies specialized in export and import, the domestic sales and marketing and financial businesses. The staff and workers total more than 22,000.

China XD Group Company has successively provided complete sets of power transmission and transformation equipment and services for our country’s many “first” DC/AC power transmission projects as well as “Three Gorge Project”, “West-East Power Transmission Project” and other national key DC/AC ultra- and extra- high voltage engineering projects. It has also provided reliable products and quality services to more than fifty (50) countries and regions, established joint venture companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and etc.; subsidiary companies or offices in more than thirty (30) countries and regions, thus having erected its good reputation and image of “QQ图片20160903203809.jpg” brand in markets all over the world.




Founded in 1958, Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (XIHARI for short) is China national power equipment testing and research base, and also industry standardization and service center for high voltage apparatus, insulator, arrester and power capacitor, which represents the highest testing technique level of high voltage power transmission equipment in China.

XIHARI is authorized to be:

Ÿ National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for High Voltage Apparatus;

Ÿ National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Insulator and surge Arrester,

Ÿ National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Power Capacitor,

Ÿ National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Smart Electric Equipment;

Ÿ National Type Evaluation Laboratory for Instrument Transformer;

Ÿ Calibration laboratory: Mechanical Industry Fifth Measurement Test Center (Xi’an).

Ÿ IECEE Certification Authorization CB Test Laboratory(IECEE CBTL)

The products can be tested in XIHARI laboratory covering a wide range of 93 categories of power equipment, such as switchgear, transformer, reactor, instrument transformer, fuse, DC thyristor valve, insulator, surge arrester, capacitor, aircraft, smart electric equipment etc.

Typical test capability of XIHARI as follows:

Ÿ High Power Test: 1100kV/120kA for AC equipment;

Ÿ Dielectric test: 1100KV for AC equipment and ±1100kV for DC equipment;

Ÿ Operation test: ±1100kV  7000A  DC Thyristor valve



123.jpgSHANDONG CONTACT TELECOMMUNLCATION CO., LTD is a domestic famous service enterprise in the power and cable industry, dedicated in research and production of on-line monitoring equipment.  SHANDONG CONTACT TELECOMMUNLCATION CO., LTD is also a certified service provider it has a large number of successful power supply enterprise application case in more than thirty cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Shenzhen. The partial discharge monitoring device, protective-layer current monitoring device and temperature monitoring device for cable conductors produced by the company has reached technical leading level in China. The company owns many patents and copyrights, it stands for the leading domestic technique in the fields of tunnel monitoring of power cables.



123.jpgMeidensha Corporation (“Meiden”), founded in Japan 1897, is a leading manufacturer in the heavy electric industry. The test equipment of automotive development is ranked No. 1 in Japan. Meiden is headquartered in Tokyo, with over 8400 consolidated number of employees, and 39 consolidated subsidiaries including five in China. The consolidated sales in 2015 is around 230 Billion JPY.


Meiden product offerings cover a wide range, including generators, substation equipment, electronic equipment and information equipment. With outstanding vacuum technology, Meiden has developed many environmentally friendly products, such as high voltage VCB, GIS, VI etc. In particular, Meiden has recently developed and shipped the world’s first 145kV-class gas insulated GIS that incorporates a newly developed 145kV single-break VCB for the interrupter part.


Ever since the founding date, Meiden has been working on the relentless pursuit of new technology and product developments. Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester (MOSA) for electric power systems of Meiden has been honored as IEEE milestone in 2014.

The mission of Meiden is illuminating a more affluent tomorrow, not only to provide products but also to recommend the best solutions on the basis of what a customer values most of all.







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